Our surfaces' advantages

1. Concrete base

Necessary to avoid any warping of the playing surface over time.

2. Asphalt mid layer

Ensures the dek surface will not slip (might happen if installed directly on concrete). Asphalt also provides the most comfortable playing surface as it absorb impacts better than concrete (your knees and back will thank you!).

3. Dek surface

We use the best quality dek tiles to ensure great traction, safety and comfort of play

4. Boards

We use Ice hockey-grade boards that are perfectly smooth and uniform all around.

5. Lighting

Our inside play surfaces offer perfect lighting as they are checkered all across. Outside rinks are lit by the latest high intensity LED spotlights that provide optimal lighting for night games.

6. Ventilation

Our inside surfaces benefit from continuous fresh air, provided by our 3 ventilation units (while most indoor centers only use 1).